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Flagpole Premieres: Telemarket, “TARANTULA”

Entirely recorded on Telemarket songwriter Adam Wayton’s Tascam four-track cassette recorder while at his parents’ home outside Austin, TX, “TARANTULA” is a fuzzy one-off single that “draws inspiration from a surprise encounter and subsequent fascination of a furry friend one morning.” It’s a jarring Zappa-esque collage of harsh mechanical sounds that spin across a gentle, steady chanting—a juxtaposition that is not unlike a well-intentioned arachnid with its prickly, menacing exterior. Like some sort of lo-fi, sci-fi B movie film score, the song sounds transmitted through radio waves from another planet.

Listen if you dare!

Telemarket’s 2020 releases so far—“TARANTULA” and August’s two-track Odds and Ends—take a detour into experimentation while quarantine hinders full-band endeavors. The group is, however, hoping to release its third EP in early 2021.

“I think this next EP will do a really good job of bringing everything we’ve been working on full circle,” says Wayton. “It’ll have the punchy energy, fuzz-drenched melodies and general chaos we’ve experimented with in the past, plus some new surprises and sounds we’re excited about. We’ve drawn a lot of inspiration from everything going on (quarantine uncertainties, my house being broken into, political angst and anger) and I think this will be the truest representation of who we are as a band to date.”