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Flagpole Premieres: Family and Friends, “Better Days”

Chelsea Kornse

To mark the two-year anniversary release of their album Felix Culpa, members of Family and Friends released a music video for the song “Better Days”—a montage of scenes from their first-ever, self-funded tour that illuminates a softer time.

After spending months huddled in a booth at Walker’s Pub and Coffee to book the 2014 tour, the band embarked on a two-week journey into unfamiliar regions, creating lasting memories; six years later, the band still reminisces on the sold-out show in Chicago’s Thalia Hall and the graffitied alleyway off of Kings Street in Charleston, a venue that hosted DIY shows. Like flashes of quiltwork, footage of documented laughter in the escapades of a new experience forms a collective history.

The song has airy and bright tones that are suggestive of the blissful ignorance that permeates life before bigger responsibilities creep in with age. But melancholy is absent in the reflection, as if these memories are a reminder that joy can always be found again. For the band, “Better Days” is not only about the initial excitement of beginning to tour and play together, but it’s also about hope for the future. 

Below, watch the new video for “Better Days.”