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Grub Notes

After a bustling and inspiring, though also hot and crowded, Athens Food Cart Fest a couple of weeks ago, I’m sure many of you are itching for more of the same. I know I was reminded of the innovation that can flow from a necessarily tiny business, and the use of the area around City Hall proved smart (and a vision of the future?). The Athens branch of King of Pops was set up downtown last year, near the Georgia Bar, but this year has moved in front of Cali ‘N’ Tito’s, on Lumpkin, so if you’re looking for a cool sweet treat between 1 and 7 p.m. (generally), head there instead.

Hip Pops, which does a similar thing with gourmet popsicles, only with sillier names, now has a space in the Chase Street Warehouses. You can get popsicles before and after trapeze shows and presumably at other times, too.

Finally, Farm Cart, which sets up on the patio of Farm 255 and at the Athens Farmers Market (both Saturday a.m. and Wednesday p.m.), isn’t open yet for the season but should be by the end of the month. New equipment, a new look and a new dude in charge are taking some time to get ready.