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Grub Notes

If you’ve driven down Lumpkin near Five Points lately, you’ve probably noticed that the renovations on the former Marble Slab space are complete and Hubee D’s, a franchise out of Charleston that does chicken in various forms, is flashing its red “open” sign. The Athens location has its own Facebook page, should you desire to keep up with its news. If you’re vegetarian, it’s not such a hot option, but it does have Cheerwine on tap and both ice cream sandwiches and a version of frozen banana pudding on a stick.

The other, bigger news making its way around town is Hugh Acheson’s plan, contingent on a rezoning, to move Five & Ten down the block from where it is now, into the historic home built by Fred J. Orr that previously housed Hawthorne House. The space will require significant renovation to be usable as a restaurant, and there are hoops to be jumped through, of course, but the idea of some relief in the parking problems in the middle of Five Points and a roomier dining room is a nice one.