May 28, 2014

Damn Good (Hot) Dawgs

Summer Guide

White Tiger Gourmet's Will McFadden cooks up a dog.

Once you eliminate things that really should not make up an entire meal, there’s a strong case to be made that the hot dog is the official food of summer. Ever since J.B. the Polish Sausage Man hung up his tongs, there’s been no clear winner for the best hot dog in town. Still, here are some others of note. (Tofu dogs not included, because they are, both unfortunately and invariably, terrible.)

White Tiger Gourmet: Ken Manring cooks a delicious and classic hot dog, then tops it with some of his lovingly griddled cabbage.

LaFonda Dawgs: Walter Washington can be hard to find during the summer on Jackson Street, behind UGA’s Main Library, but he cooks a good, basic dog.

Sam’s Club: This is the kind of thing to which hipsters are not supposed to admit, but if you have or know someone with a Sam’s Club card, the snack bar just inside the entrance grills a foot-long dog that is both cheap and tasty.

Little Kings Shuffle Club: If you’re heading to Little Kings for happy hour, you should make sure to grab some free hot dogs, heated in the classic rotisserie-style server, complete with bun warmer.

The Varsity: They’re kind of gross, but sometimes they hit the spot, especially topped with slaw.

The Rooftop by the Branded Butcher: One of the few places in town that makes a decent sausage in-house tops its brat with a heap of pickled red cabbage and a squiggle of spicy brown mustard.

Hi-Lo Lounge: What sets Hi-Lo’s hot dogs apart is their variety of toppings. You can also get salchipapas, or cut-up hot dogs with french fries, if you want to be fancy about it.

The World Famous: The deep fryer has been on the fritz every time I’ve wanted to try the corn dog, but the kitchen has a gift for jazzing up bar classics.

Sabine’s Coffee Haus: Way out in Lexington, Sabine’s is worth a trip just for the currywurst, a German specialty you can’t get anywhere closer.