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Cafe Racer Will Open Tomorrow

It’s been nearly two years since Flagpole reported that the popular Arnoldsville restaurant was building an Athens location, and not a week has gone by since then that someone hasn’t asked me with enthusiasm when that Athens location is opening. Welp, the day is here. Restaurant staff confirmed via Instagram that after a couple of soft open days this past weekend, Tuesday, Aug. 22 is the first official day in business. Even with nothing other than word of mouth, the restaurant was out of donuts within a few hours this weekend, and I apologize for making the problem worse, but I also know you want to know. Regular hours are 7 a.m.–2 p.m. for the moment, but subject to change. As ever, stay tuned to its Instagram for changes and food truck locations, and get your “why I was late” excuses ready for Tuesday should you choose to brave the crowd.