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Emmy Squared Pizza Is Moving Into The Old Grit Location

Ever since The Grit closed in October people have been wondering what would move into the location of the longtime, much beloved restaurant. The answer is Emmy Squared Pizza, a franchise of Detroit-style pies and burgers originally started in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Is it a surprise that it’s a chain? Not really. Rent is expensive, and chains have deeper pockets than beloved independent local businesses.

CEO Howard Greenstone said, “I have heard about the beauty and sincere sense of community in Athens from close friends with deep ties to the area. Over the years my friends often shared joyful stories of their experiences and the energetic vibe of the city. After spending some time in Athens, I fell in love with the charm and warm community and felt it was the perfect home for Emmy Squared Pizza. Through my visits, I have also encountered residents of Athens who were familiar with the concept of Emmy Squared and shown interest in our delicious offerings. So, about a year ago, we began our search for a permanent space for our beloved restaurant.”

The “iconic space” that housed The Grit for decades held a lot of appeal, and he says that although the restaurant has multiple locations (from Santa Monica, CA, to Birmingham, AL, to Alexandria, VA), each has its own character. “We look forward to honoring this historic space while adding our own personal touches to the location.”

The pizzas are Detroit-style, meaning squarish and deep dish, with a bunch of cheese on the crust. All can be made gluten free and are topped with things from traditional (burrata, pepperoni) to less so (vegan spicy kimchi, hot honey, parsley pesto). There are a lot of vegan options, as well as apps like meatballs, soy-marinated cucumbers and fries topped with pimento cheese; salads, burgers and other sandwiches on pretzel buns.

Greenstone said, “In every neighborhood we join, our team is committed to contributing to the community and practicing our company ethos of inclusivity and unparalleled hospitality.” The plan is to open this spring, and hiring will begin soon.