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St. Joe’s Sanctuary Is Becoming an Event Space

Credit: Georgian Hall via Facebook

When the news first broke about the old St. Joseph’s Catholic Church being sold to develop into a mixed-use space combining retail, living and the like, the original plan was that the sanctuary would be preserved, likely to become a restaurant. The churchiest part of the church for us heathens, it’s the building (dating back to 1913) that contained the altar and has lovely stained-glass windows and a beautifully painted ceiling. Farm Burger apparently considered moving into it but probably decided it was easier to build out a kitchen in a new space designed to contain one, meaning it’s next door in the new building. So, what to do with said sanctuary? The folks behind Trappeze are turning it into an event space called the Chapel, set to open in 2023 and booking events now, even as renovations continue. You can follow updates on Instagram at @chapelathens.