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Chef Mimi Maumus Is Adding a Sidecar to home.made

If you’ve driven down Baxter Street lately and wondered what’s up with the construction happening at home.made, wonder no further. Chef-owner Mimi Maumus has decided to partition the beloved restaurant’s bar off from the dining room and give it its own identity. She says that Sidecar, as it’ll be known, will have “its own entrance, name and vibe.”

The side project will have its own menu, too, with some things that you’re used to from the home.made menu, but others that don’t appear there. Like many chefs, Maumus can feel trapped by the restrictions of entrees, which she refers to as the “starch, veggie, protein, topping formula.” Not to say that one can’t have marvelous entrees, but small plates allow for considerably more experimentation. Maumus describes her vision as, “Small plates that offer different food experiences. Nothing too mind bendy, but a place for me to share flavors and ideas that I’m excited about.”

There will, of course, be cocktails too, as well as some nonalcoholic drinks that’ll be more exciting than club soda.

Maumus says, “I feel completely unrestricted with the possibilities with this new project, and am feeling the excitement with the staff as well. Our crew is crazy talented in so many ways, and it’s exciting to get to collaborate with them in different directions.”

Sidecar is loosely projected for a November opening, depending on construction.