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Athens Police Chief: George Floyd’s Murder Was ‘Appalling’

Police Chief Cleveland Spruill.

When asked for comment about a Minnesota jury’s recent guilty verdict against former police officer Derek Chauvin for the murder of George Floyd, public information officer Lt. Shaun Barnett pointed to a statement Athens-Clarke County Police Chief Cleveland Spruill made on May 29, shortly after Floyd was killed.

In it, Spruill condemned Chauvin’s “reckless actions” and emphasized that the use of neck restraints or chokeholds by ACCPD officers is prohibited unless deadly force is justified (if the officer or someone else’s life is in danger).

Blake Aued

Barnett added a quote from Spruill: “With yesterday’s verdict, I am pleased to see that due process has taken place, that a verdict has been reached, and justice has been served.” 

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