An Open Letter to UGA President Morehead on Safely Restarting Classes

UGA President Jere Morehead.

EDITOR’S NOTE: The UGA chapter of United Campus Workers of Georgia wrote this open letter to UGA President Jere Morehead urging stronger protections from COVID-19 on campus. On June 6, the University System of Georgia announced that effective July 15, all faculty, staff, students and visitors will be required to wear masks inside UGA facilities. The other issues in this letter were not addressed.

As members of the UGA and Athens community, we appreciate the thought and effort that went into developing UGA’s plan for a return to full operations in the fall. However, after reviewing the university’s plan, we believe that UGA can and must do more to protect the health and lives of faculty, staff and students. It is not only those who work and study at UGA who will be impacted by the university’s policies, but also health care workers, local businesses and the larger Athens community, due to the central role that UGA plays in Athens’ economic, social and cultural life.

We strongly feel that:

(1) Faculty, staff, students, vendors, visitors and volunteers should be required to wear a face mask while indoors, and 

(2) no instructor should be required to teach in person and that no instructor should be required to disclose personal health concerns; no staff person should be required to work on campus if they can fulfill their job responsibilities off campus. 

These policies are in the interest of public health and racial justice, will have little to no financial impact on the university, will help ensure the continuity of on-campus instruction in the fall, will reduce impact on Athens’ health care system and are in the interest of local businesses and the larger Athens community. We detail our specific reasons below.

Face Masks Are Inexpensive, and They Work

There is compelling evidence that face masks significantly reduce the spread of COVID-19. A systematic review and meta-analysis reveals that face masks, along with physical distancing, limit transmission of the virus. Another study finds that U.S. states that mandated face masks averted as many as 230,000–450,000 cases. Face masks are an inexpensive and highly effective way to restrict transmission of COVID-19. 

UGA’s peer and aspirational institutions will require that faculty, staff, students and visitors wear face masks while indoors in the fall, including: University of California, Berkeley; University of Michigan, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, University of Wisconsin-Madison, University of Texas at Austin, Texas A&M, George Mason University, Virginia Tech, University of Florida, and University of Texas at Arlington, among several others. Additionally, the Clarke County School District is planning to require that students and staff wear a face covering and receive a temperature check before entering the school building. Mandating face masks while indoors would carry little, if any, financial cost, given that UGA has already purchased two face masks each for all faculty, staff and students. 

As you know, Athens has two hospitals that serve a 17-county region—and seven of these counties do not have their own hospitals. If UGA’s relaxed policies on mask use result in a surge in COVID-19 cases in Athens, our local health care system will be overwhelmed, and a tremendous strain will be added to our already stressed health care workers. In short, a face mask requirement is an inexpensive and highly effective way to keep the number of cases in Athens down and protect the health and lives of UGA’s faculty, staff, and students.

Reducing the Number of Employees on Campus Will Limit Transmission of COVID-19

No instructor or staff person should be required to work on campus if they are able to fulfill their job responsibilities off campus. We recognize that some UGA employees are unable to fulfill their job duties off campus; allowing employees who can carry out their job responsibilities off campus reduces the risk to those who must come to campus to work. Additionally, since it has proven impossible for employees to receive Americans with Disabilities Act accommodations if they are living with high-risk individuals, this would reduce the likelihood of transmitting the virus to vulnerable family or household members. Just as employees should not be forced to choose between their health and their jobs, neither should they have to choose between work and their families’ safety.

Allowing instructors and staff to work off-campus carries little to no financial cost. UGA’s “Plans for a Phased Return to Fall Operations” notes that, financially, the major differences between the three contingency plans (fall classes begin with face-to-face instruction with social distancing, fall classes begin fully online, and periods of online teaching during the semester) entail technology upgrades to classrooms, housing and meal plans, campus bus transportation, and student services (see pp. 123-124). Moreover, the revenue losses following the transition to remote instruction in spring 2020 largely resulted from prorated refunds to students for housing, dining and other fees—not from instructors and staff working remotely. 

UGA’s Commitment to Racial Justice

The mortality rate for COVID-19 among Black Americans across the U.S. is 2.3 times higher than the mortality rate for white and Asian Americans, and 2.2 times higher than Latino Americans. Black Americans are 12.4% of the U.S. population, yet they make up 24.3% of COVID-19 deaths—twice their share of the population. In Georgia, the mortality rate for Blacks per 100,000 people is 33.6 and is 18.3 for whites. On June 1, 2020, you sent a letter to the UGA community condemning racism, stating that your administration will work to ensure that the entire UGA community feels safe and supported, and that UGA must do more in working towards racial justice. UGA’s failure and unwillingness to take even these minimal steps would belie its purported desire to provide a safe environment for Black employees, who comprise a majority of the essential custodial staff that will most frequently come into contact with contaminated surfaces as they perform the work to keep everyone at UGA safe. 

UGA’s Commitment to the Health and Safety of Faculty and Staff

Low-paid staff and graduate students stand to suffer significant harm to their health and household finances if UGA does not require face masks while indoors and will not allow instructors and staff to work from home if they are able and wish to do so. Nearly 3,000 graduate student workers at UGA make less than $25,000 per year. Additionally, an estimated 2,500 full-time employees (about 22% of UGA employees) earn salaries under $35,000, which the Economic Policy Institute’s Family Budget Calculator considers a living wage for a single adult with no children in Clarke County. With no extra money to spare, these workers are more likely to have health insurance plans with poorer coverage and higher deductibles. They simply cannot afford to get sick. By requiring staff and graduate students to work on campus with poor public health regulations, UGA is putting the health and limited resources of their most financially insecure employees and students at significant and unnecessary risk.

UGA’s Ties to the Local Economy

The health of Athens’ local economy is closely tied to the health of the university. Just as UGA relies on local businesses in Athens to support its needs, local businesses rely on UGA, its students and employees to keep their businesses running. Already hurting after shuttering their businesses for many months, the financial well-being of local restaurants, bars, music venues and retail shops—and the livelihood of their thousands of employees—is dependent on students and professors returning and the university, resuming functions in the fall. If the university is flippant about health and safety precautions and their policies result in another shutdown, it will be beyond devastating for local business owners, everyone who works at their businesses and the entire economy of Athens. 

A Strong Commitment to Public Safety Will Encourage students to Return to Campus

UGA students are excited to return to campus in the fall, but some have voiced concerns that UGA is not doing enough to promote public safety and health by not mandating face masks. For the month of June, people aged 18–29 made up 29% of new coronavirus cases. Requiring face masks when indoors would go a long way towards alleviating students’ concerns and encourage them to return and remain on campus.

In closing, we are looking forward to returning to campus in the fall. Requiring face masks while indoors and allowing faculty, staff and graduate students to work off-campus when possible will help ensure the continuity of face-to-face instruction and protect the health and lives of faculty, staff, students and the larger Athens community. 

Signed: United Campus Workers of Georgia; Chapter; Robyn Waserman, staff; Matthew Fortunato, staff; Michael Rabalais, graduate student; Stephanie Jones, faculty; Evelyn Jones, alumna; Cassia Roth, faculty; Lindsey Reynolds, faculty; Adrienne Button, alumna; Shelly Biesel, graduate student; Clint McCrory, professor emeritus; Katie Googe, alumna; Bryant Barnes, graduate student; Hillary Brown, staff; Pete L Clark, faculty; Charles Allin Cromer, alumna; Megan Turnbull, faculty; Cydney Seigerman, graduate student; Bettina Love, faculty; J.P. Schmidt, faculty; Keaton Callaway, graduate student; Joseph Fu, faculty; Jacob Weger, graduate student; Leslie Rech Penn, faculty; Martha Allexsaht-Snider, faculty; Georgia McPeak, alumna; Marianne Happek, staff; Sebastian Burkholdt, graduate student; Anne Hurne, staff; Alisa Luxenberg, faculty; Kaitlin Wegrzyn, graduate student; Mikaela Warner, graduate student; James Russell, faculty; Kristen Morrow, graduate student; Frithjof Timo Wöhrmann, graduate student; Sonia Janis, faculty; Ashley Johnson, staff; Thijs Kolet, R.N.; Shannon Ball, alumna, local business owner; Gabrielle Lichtenstein, graduate student; Penny Callaway; UGA parent; Molly Berkemeier, faculty; Senna Hubbs, alumna; Kathleen Hurlock, graduate student; Alexander Harvey, alumnus; Linda Dunbar, staff; Tosin Adesogan, graduate student; Francesca Pase, graduate student; Caroline Young, faculty; Carlton Smith, graduate student; Genevieve Guzmán, graduate student; Jeani Wooten, staff; June Levine-Fortunato, employed locally; Sujata Iyengar, faculty; Heather Slutzky, health care worker; Dominique La Barrie, undergraduate; Elizabeth A. St.Pierre, faculty; Eric Harris, staff; Violeta Rodríguez, alumna; Margaret Caughy, faculty; Kelly Happe, faculty; Richard Menke, faculty; Benjamin Britton, faculty; Patricia Richards, faculty; Paula Runyon, alumna, staff; Briana Spivey, graduate student; Annelie Klein, concerned citizen; Pablo Lapegna, faculty; Lilian Sattler, faculty; Savannah Downing, graduate student; David Schiller, emeritus faculty; Amy Ellis, faculty; Nancy Hunter, concerned citizen; Valerie McLaurin, graduate student; Mandy Mastrovita, faculty; Montgomery Wolf, faculty; Vicki Scullion, graduate student; Jorge Derpic, faculty; Anne Williams, retired faculty; Julie Spivey, faculty; Samuel Watson, graduate student; Annie Simpson, graduate student; Alicia Davis; alumna; John Banister, graduate student; Rachel Bailey, graduate student, local business owner; Katya Tepper, immunocompromised local resident; Jason Myres, faculty; Jake Brower, staff; Helen K. Haynes, alumna; Charles Jameson, concerned citizen; Curtiss Pernice, employed locally and on campus; Jenny Lund, employed locally; Melissa Harshman, faculty; Daniel Everett, retired faculty; Maria Butauski, faculty; Catie Young, staff; Abigail Velez, employed locally, faculty spouse; Lydian Brambila, staff; Heather Smith, staff; Miriam Jacobson, faculty; Roger Stahl, faculty; Rachel Arney, graduate student; Kendra Burns, staff; Mary Hammes, alumna, partner of UGA employee; Amanda McDaniel, staff; Elizabeth Summerlin, alumna; Josh Mckay, concerned citizen; Barbara A. Biesecker, faculty; Linda Gilbert, retired from university system; Samantha Leitch, staff; Andra Walton, staff; Taryn Corvin, concerned citizen; Laura G.; UGA parent; Brad Leitch, spouse of staff member; Nathan Carlson, staff; Alexandra Corvin,alumna; Alison Smith, faculty; Martha DeHart, staff; Jarred Jackson, staff; Alison Piazza, staff; John Bailey, alumnus; John Wares, faculty; Jessica Marter-Kenyon, post-doctoral fellow; Laura Theobald, graduate student; Stephen Scheer, faculty; Mary Willoughby, faculty; Mary Wade; parent; Lindsay Dickerson, staff; Samuel Watson, graduate student; Shelley Pence, faculty; Ruta Abolins, faculty; Miriam Zegarac, graduate student; Kerry Steinberg, faculty; Lihi Ben Shitrit, faculty; Jill Severn, faculty; Taryn Corvin, concerned citizen; Annie R. Wendel, former instructor/preceptor; Melissa Rackley, employed locally; Rebecca Baggett, retired staff; Leigh Beeson, staff; Jennifer George, faculty; Deirdre Kane, staff; Margaret Penny Wood alumna; Isabel Astacio, immunocompromised local resident; Eric Wurzburg, local business owner; Douglas Menke, faculty; Alejandra Villegas, graduate student; Korie Leigh, faculty; Melissa Link, staff, Clarke County commissioner; Chelsea Ratcliff Bush, faculty; Anuja Sarda, graduate student; Kate Kaiser, alumna; Stephanie Sutton, alumna; Mary Goll, faculty; Jennifer Leyting, staff; Carrie Bishop, alumna and partner of UGA employee; Janet Frick, faculty, past chair of UGA University Council; Shaye Gambrell, alumna;

Kathleen Falke, spouse of UGA staff; Tanya Hudson, alumna; Christina Rowland, staff; Alan Guerra, locally employed; Lizzie Z. Saltz, spouse of UGA faculty; Marguerite Madden, faculty; David Cobb, graduate student; Cathy Rumfelt, alumna; Cheryl Kennedy, staff; Carly Leilani Fabian, graduate student; Melissa Martin, MD, alumna; Diana Hartle, faculty; Danielle West, local business owner; Maria Eugenia Castellanos, post-doctoral fellow; Kristen Gleason, alumna; María Rivera Araya, concerned citizen; Katie Jeffries, alumna; Danielle Walters, alumna; Marcela Garza, graduate student; Timi Conley, director, Wild Rumpus Parade & Spectacle; Cathleen Sweeney, undergraduate and concerned citizen; Brittany Barnes, staff; Randall Abney, alumnus; Svilen Trifonov, faculty; Carolyn Abney, local business owner; Lisa Ward; alumna; Nicole Bechill, employed locally; Katie Johnson, graduate student; Sophia Weerth, graduate research & teaching assistant; Allison Workman, alumna and spouse of UGA staff; Tracey Wyatt, health care worker; Jessie Hyatt, alumna, locally employed concerned citizen; Shannon Robinson, concerned citizen; Paula Krimer, faculty; Wendy Waldman, alumna; Elena Fernandez, faculty; Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Menke, concerned citizens; Aly Brice, alumna; Caitlin Mertzlufft, alumna, Athens resident, public health professional; Lois Alworth, parent of UGA employee; Mattia Pistone, faculty; Merrily Dunn, faculty; Kara Litwin, undergraduate; Jeff Wood, local business owner; Klée Schell, undergraduate; Sabina Ashurova, undergraduate; Christopher Hocking, faculty; Nicole Broerman, pediatrician; Leah Helton, graduate student; Scott Nelson, faculty; Yasmine Wallace, alumna; Brenda Galvez, alumna; Tricia white, alumna; Ben Luttinen, graduate student; Opeyemi Adelugba, undergraduate; Philip Kohnen, local business owner; Michael Nunneley, graduate student; Amanda Rugenski, faculty; Magdalena Zurawski, faculty; Ann Farrell, R.N.; Trevor Tuma, graduate student; Sara Parker, alumna; Rayven Alsobrook, alumna; Peggy Thrasher Law, alumna, former faculty, parent of UGA student, spouse of UGA Employee; Don Law, staff; Dr. Rose Tahash, alumna, staff; Samantha Trust, alumna; Riley Hess, graduate student; Amari Fortson, undergraduate; Tricia Lootens, faculty; Robin Maier; alumna; Amanda Mull, alumna; Sarah Jantzi, faculty; Shelley Zuraw, faculty; Nekabari Ereba, undergraduate, student worker; Morgan Holley, alumna; Alyson Barrera, parent of UGA student; Jennie De la Vega, locally employed concerned citizen; Randy Adams, health care worker; Janice Simon, faculty; Jenny Woodward, alumna; Abigail Courtney, graduate student; Alec Peyton, undergraduate; Amy Ross, faculty; Nimsy Corea, undergraduate; Katy Dwyer, graduate student; Melissa Lee, alumna, staff; Anna Headden, mental health professional; Kevin Sweeney, employed locally and on campus; Mary Patrick, staff; Evan Greller, local business owner and health care provider; Sarah Crain, alumna, staff; Paige Howell, alumna; Millie Price; law student; Lisa Anger, faculty; Emily McIntyre, graduate student; Jennifer Griffith Barnhart, faculty; Nicholas Hatch, undergraduate; Jessica Greene, alumna and local business owner; Lisa W., alumna and concerned citizen; Megan Moriarty, alumna, CCSD teacher; Carol Hunt, concerned citizen; Christie Sanders, staff; Beverly Hull, staff; Nancy Sokolove, parent; Elizabeth Anne Allen, alumna; Ann Mandel, alumna; Jeffrey Rieter, staff; Michael Marshall, locally employed; Dana J. Hortman, alumna; Megan Bramlett, graduate student; Christine Kim, graduate student; Emily Winner Crim, alumna; Robert Bramlett, high school teacher; Nina Santus, faculty; Suzi Mojock, concerned citizen; Jennifer Schildknecht; parent, local business owner, concerned citizen; Brett Magner, MD, faculty, health care worker, local business owner. Nathan Fleeson, graduate student; Evan Alden, alumnus; Tony Pelli, alumnus; Nicole Gottdenker, faculty; Kate Blane; alumna, concerned citizen; Selena Lane, faculty; Jack Cenatempo, undergraduate and student assistant; Christine Pardue, alumna; Laura Shepard, alumna; Jessica Ammons, staff; Cari Goetcheus, faculty; Kate Daley-Bailey, staff; Laura Rack, graduate student; Cecilia Reynolds, staff; Caleb Gonzalez, locally employed; Robyn Obana, locally employed concerned citizen; Anthony Potts, undergraduate; Nneka Omoma, undergraduate; Tucker Austin, alumna, spouse of UGA faculty, health care worker; Leandra Nessel, staff; Sophia Rodriguez, undergraduate; Zachary Schamis, undergraduate; Linda Macbeth, alumna; Denise Phan, undergraduate; Crystal Earwood; alumna, UGA parent; Aidan Rickaby, undergraduate; Jessica Daniels, alumna, staff; Luke Rodgers, undergraduate; Erika Massie, alumna; Jackie Mitchell, alumna; Krysia Araalumna, former staff; Elizabeth Mazza, alumna; Gavin Rakosnik, undergraduate; Stephanie Lynn, alumna, staff; Lidya Ghedamu, undergraduate; Kristie Person, aluma, locally employed;  Ross Marklein, faculty; Sean Turner, alumnus, Registered Nurse; Erik Person; alumnus, physician, gastroenterologist; Laura Durham, staff; parent of UGA student; Heather Dominicali, concerned citizen, health care worker; Lexy Bridges, employed locally, concerned citizen; Rachel D. Harris, graduate student; Graham Johnson, graduate student; Sara Moeller, alumna, concerned citizen; Laura G., parent of UGA student; Carol Moore; alumna, UGA parent; Anna Headden, mental health professional; James Reap, faculty; Rayna Sklar, undergraduate; Karen Mancera, undergraduate; Bobby Pelts, staff; Donna Decatrel RN, PARMC; Elizabeth Kraft, retiring faculty; Megan Chambers, concerned citizen, RN; Alicia Arribas, faculty; Jessica Couch, staff and graduate student; Patrick Fraser, alumnus; Kathleen McDermott, alumna, concerned citizen; Aline Robolin, alumna; Erica Degue, undergraduate; Heidi, local resident; Hannah Manning, undergraduate; Anuja Sarda, graduate student; Kathi Dailey Morgan, retired staff; Jordan Josselson, concerned citizen; Kate Masuda, concerned citizen; Hannah Smith, alumma, concerned parent; Allison Howard, faculty;  Shelby Ghersi, concerned citizen; Sally E Walker, faculty;  Denise Domizi, alumna; Mary Ford, graduate student;  Cindy Hahamovitch, faculty; Jonathan Schuh, alumnus, UGA parent; Ian Schmutt, faculty; Jennifer McFaline-Figueroa, graduate student; Stephanie Andino, undergraduate; Karen Dillard, alumna; Andrew Zawacki, faculty; Marcus Bowens, undergraduate, locally employed; Terrell Austin, alumna; Mallory Harris, alumna; Mikaela LaFave, graduate student; Brittany Leitch, relative of staff member; Pamela Eanes, concerned citizen, health care worker; Tracy Peabody, local resident; Patricia Whatley, graduate student; Hannah Costantino, alumna, health care worker; Amy Murphy, faculty; Nicollette Frank, graduate student; Logan Woodall, concerned citizen; Donna Boggs, alumna, staff; Leah Thompson, undergraduate; Michael J. Conroy, retired faculty, concerned citizen; Nancy Walton, alumna, RN; Lori Newcomer, concerned citizen; Sara Ivy; parent; Emily Aland, concerned citizen, health care worker; 

Harlan Cohen, faculty; Shirlee Tevet; concerned citizen; Travis Burch, local business owner; Marisa Hull, undergraduate; Lindsey Harding, faculty; Patricia Majeski-Wiegert; parent of faculty; Sarah Buckleitner, staff;  Frederick Wiegert, parent of faculty; Jeff Kilpatrick, faculty; Jim Leebens-Mack, faculty; Catherine Bobon, local business owner; Ray Kaplan, faculty; Nicholas Reilly, locally employed; Charles Nicolosi, staff; Anna Brinck, graduate student; Wynn Walter, teacher; Holly Kaplan, clinical faculty; Will Hodges, alumnus; Emily Turner, undergraduate; Edward G. Smart, local resident; Lauren Kimsey, undergraduate; Ben Hesse, alumnus, local resident; Brenda A Poss, alumna; Deborah Stanley, faculty; Bruno Ubiali, graduate student; Vanessa Murray, alumna, staff; Kathy Rohs, concerned citizen; Tiffany Simon, undergraduate; Jake Lulewicz, alumnus; Charlotte Poss Chromiak, alumna, concerned citizen; Rayna Perry, undergraduate; Camille Becker, alumna; Jeffrey Whittle, alumnus, faculty; Jennifer Kay-Wiiliams, concerned citizen; Keith P. Rein, alumnus; Molly McTier, undergraduate; Juls Knapp, local business owner; Steven Honea, alumnus, staff; Tabitha Krambier; undergraduate; Emeline Mayo, undergraduate; Annelise Johnston, alumna; Allison Coleman, alumna, locally employed; Caroline Cook, undergraduate, research assistant; Shari Ex, spouse of a graduate student and instructor; Rachel Peters, alumna, locally employed;  Christen W., undergraduate; Maggie D., locally employed; Brennan Murphy, concerned citizen; Allie Norris, undergraduate, locally employed; Katie Lett, concerned citizen; Abigail, locally employed; Erin Stacer, locally employed; Marissa Commissiong, alumna; Sarah Butler, undergraduate; Alicia May, graduate student and teaching assistant; Niki Spear, RN; Christina Wood Martinez, graduate student and teaching assistant; Christian Andersen, alumnus, graduate student; Emma O’Neal, undergraduate; Nathan Carlson, staff; Jorie Berman, alumnus, part-time faculty; Summaya Ahmad, undergraduate; Kellie Cannon, alumna, locally employed; Hannah Jane Malicki, graduate student; Jourdan May, alumna; Roy Legette, faculty; Kathryn R Titus, concerned citizen; Richard Mikulka, locally employed; Dylan Mobley, alumnus; Christian Klimczak, faculty; Maria F., prospective undergraduate; Christa Coulter-Scott, concerned citizen and health care worker; Tim Yang, faculty; Jessica Williams, staff; Taryn Williams, alumnus; Jesse Evans; graduate student and high school teacher; Jason Westrich, postdoctoral fellow; Rebecca Smoot, undergraduate; Joshua Wade, staff; Fredric Thomas Dolezal, faculty; Cathy Pentz, alumna and concerned citizen; Lauren C. McGeehin, alumna, staff; 

Jessica Martinez, graduate student; Sandrine Zawacki, faculty; Jenna Schuh, alumna, former business owner; Mary B. Berry; alumna, former staff; Craig Wiegert, faculty; Justin Simpson, graduate student; Diane Cooper, faculty; Nicholas Magnan, faculty; Laura Dean, faculty; Laura Stearns, local business owner; Heather M. Fletcher, alumna, local business owner; Frances Hensley, alumna, retired faculty; Selena Tran, graduate student; Cynthia Call, attorney; Angela Romero-Shih, alumna, staff; Lizzy Liu, concerned citizen; Donald Law, undergraduate; Danielle Wingo; alumna; Beverly Grant alumna; Nora Harlin, alumna; Rajan Bedi, undergraduate; Alexander Cronin alumnus; Taryn Williams, alumna;  Chase Law, alumnus; Julia DellOrso, alumna; Sarah Mayo, PhD candidate; Michelle Yancich, graduate student; Lillian Scott, undergraduate; Treehouse Kid and Craft; Ray Clark, alumnus; Alonso Delgado, graduate student;  Marisa Pyle, alumna; Ryne Meadow, concerned citizen; Mark Ebell; faculty; Nathan Carlson, staff; Cali Brutz, faculty; Adrienne Shook, alumna, advocate; Mimi Sodhi, adjunct faculty; Roozbeh Hosseini, faculty; Alberto Villate, faculty; Lia Faase, concerned citizen; Aliki Nicolaides, faculty; David Cote, locally employed; Karen Watkins, faculty; Josh Jacobs, alumnus; Devlin Thompson, locally employed; Heather Clark, alumna, local citizen; Sally Zepeda, faculty; Carol Yang, graduate student; Leslie Gordon Simons, faculty; Amber Warnock, undergraduate;  Alice Kinman, faculty; Claudia Baumann, staff; Rachel Townes, adjunct faculty; Laura Clark, alumna; Kinsey Lee Clark, undergraduate; Caroline Haupt, alumna, staff;  Nathan Byrd, alumnus, locally employed; Bjorn Stillion Southard, faculty; Will Lewis, staff; Michael Welton, postdoctoral fellow; Ruth Harman, faculty; Sebastian Puerta, alumnus; Ramsey Nix, instructor; Lorena, undergraduate; Karen Smith, alumna and adjunct faculty; Leigh Holland, alumna, retired staff; Jessica Roberts, alumna, staff; Caroline Haupt, alumna, staff; Kara Brown, locally employed; Leslie Adams, alumna, medical student; Taryn Kormanik alumna, staff; C2 Group, locally employed; Jane Ritchie, staff; Andrea Piazza; alumna, staff; Molly Brooks, alumna, locally employed; Melisa Cahnmann-Taylor, faculty; Sari Leff, undergraduate; Seth Hendershot, alumnus, local business owner; Gabriela Rivera Campos, undergraduate; Bob Sleppy alumnus, part-time lecturer, local business owner; Anna Hatzispiros, undergraduate; Kaori Sakamoto, faculty; James M. Brown, faculty; Suzanne Lester, MD, UGA parent, physician, faculty; Pablo David Jimenez Castro, graduate student; Tiffany Mahan, concerned citizen; James Collins, graduate student; Liz Phillips, alumna, staff; Anthony Mallon, faculty; Allison Skinner, faculty; Kacy Morris, alumna, faculty, UGA parent; Stephen Ramos, faculty; Mark Riedl, faculty at Georgia Tech; Leonor Sicalo Gianechini, graduate student; Amy Yandell, graduate student; Michael Yandell, concerned citizen; Noah Brendel, alumnus, local business owner; Mary Byrne, alumna; Susie Inglett, concerned citizen; Matthew McFadden, alumnus; Kanupriya Daga, undergraduate; Jessica Fore, alumna; Carol Kraemer, staff; Gary Lautenschlager, faculty; Kyle Butcher, alumnus; Rob McMaken alumnus, spouse of UGA employee; Dawn T Robinson, faculty; Sherrie Gibney-Sherman, alumna, locally employed, UGA parent; Andrew Moorhead, faculty;  Man Kit Lei, faculty; Lisa Rainville, staff; Dagmar Nelson, staff; Tanuja Anne, undergraduate; Hillary Palmer, faculty; Mark Cooney, faculty; Brittany Martin,graduate student; 

Michelle Lofton, faculty; Emily Bell, faculty; Kristi Schaller, faculty; Rachael Dier, alumna; Savannah Drexler, undergraduate; Michael Money, staff; Mary Eberhard, staff; Markus Crepaz, faculty; Willow Samsel, health care worker; William white, graduate student; Alexander Bucksch, faculty; Greg Hankins, staff; Emily Eng, graduate student; Alison Gilbert, graduate student; Katie Brody, graduate student; Lela Flanery, health care worker and concerned citizen; Sarah Groh, graduate student. 

(Note: This list was compiled through June 29, and it will be periodically updated.)