Uncommon Companions: Pigs, Donkeys and Pigeons Make Great Pets Too

Marianne, Lisa, Maggie, and Daisy
Kasey Lowe Ella Blue

Ella Blue: Ella is a two-year-old indoor/outdoor Vietnamese Pot-bellied pig. She is very sassy and very smart! She loves rooting, napping, belly rubs, camping, car rides, snuggling and anything involving food! She knows all kinds of tricks and loves learning new ones! She is very emotionally complex, and will definitely let you know what she wants and when she wants it! She never ceases to put a smile on my face, and brings joy to our life everyday! She is truly an amazing creature! [Kasey Lowe, @ellabluelovesyou]

Lisa Lipani Marianne, Lisa, Maggie, and Daisy

Marianne, Maggie, Daisy: I have three donkeys: Marianne (left), Maggie (center) and Daisy (right). A lot of people think donkeys are “stubborn,” but they aren’t! They like to think things through, and they are very intelligent animals who make great pets. Maggie (who is Daisy’s mom) and Daisy follow me around wherever I go. Marianne doesn’t need as much attention, but she still rests her head on me for a donkey hug when she knows I need one. They mainly eat hay, but they also love cantaloupes, watermelons, bananas and carrots. [Lisa Lipani]

Danielle Rusk Ms Pigeon Pants and Marty Jazzjacket

Ms Pigeon Pants and Marty Jazzjacket: Ms Pigeon Pants is an “Iranian Tumbler” who was found in 2019, lost and starving in a parking lot in Tucker, GA. The breed is known for doing somersaults in the air. Marty Jazzjacket is a “Racing Homer Pigeon” who was found this March in Pine Lake, GA. He got lost while flying from Tennessee to Florida in a race. A lot of domestic pigeons get lost during races and dove releases (white doves are really pigeons). In the wild, they are vulnerable to predators and don’t know how to find food. Pigeons are really awesome pets! They love people and have been our companions for over 5000 years.They are possibly the smartest birds on the planet—able to pass the “mirror test” and distinguish a Picasso from a Monet. There are no wild pigeons; every pigeon you see is the descendant of an escaped/released domestic bird. So say “hi” to the next gang of pigeons you see. They recognize people who are nice to them (and those who are not). [Danielle Rusk, @misterpigeonpants]