Favorite Services 2012


• WINNER: Hotel Indigo

500 College Ave. · 706-546-0430

• RUNNER UP: Foundry Park Inn and Spa

295 E. Dougherty St. · 706-549-7020

Hotel Indigo had the audacity to come right into downtown Athens with a cool, affordable, friendly, super modern, sleek, comfortable hotel attuned to music and art. They knew exactly what they were up to, and they quickly made Hotel Indigo a part of the scene. It’s the kind of place where you want to stop by for a drink or to hear live music, whether or not you’re staying there, though even local people stay there from time to time, just for the fun of it. (Winner: Favorite Hotel)

Photography Studio

• WINNER: Zoom Works Photography

585 White Circle · 706-227-3777

• RUNNER UP: Twin Hearts Photography

160 Tracy St., Mercury Air · 706-254-8813

Zoom Works has the photographic power to make the memories of your wedding stand out even more than the occasion itself, and that’s what good photography is all about. You’re not getting pictures made; you’re creating the story of your wedding or your party or other special occasion. Maybe it’s like designing your own dream: you write the plot line; Zoom Works produces the visuals, starring you. (Winner: Favorite Photography Studio)

Hair Salon

• WINNER: Republic Salon

312 E. Broad St. · 706-208-5222

• RUNNER UP: Rocket Salon

163 N. Jackson St. · 706-353-0500


• WINNER: Lyric Bellotte at Republic Salon

312 E. Broad St. · 706-208-5222

• RUNNER UP: Shayne McBride at City Salon and Spa

100 Athens Town Blvd. · 706-552-1515

Massage Therapist

• WINNER: Kim Lisenbee

115 Hampton Park Dr. · 706-613-0467

• RUNNER UP: Jill Caudill at Classic Hair & Spa

1528 Prince Ave. · 706-227-1669

Tattoo Studio

• WINNER: Pain and Wonder Tattoo Studio

285 W. Washington St. · 706-208-9588

• RUNNER UP: Walk the Line Tattoo Co.

364 E. Broad St. · 706-369-9424

Yoga Studio

• WINNER: Rubber Soul

675 Pulaski St. ·

• RUNNER UP: Athens Five Points Yoga

1687 S. Lumpkin St. · 706-355-3114

Rubber Soul Yoga Revolution is so serious about yoga that it’s funny. Cal Clements leads a staff who vary in their approach to yoga but not in their belief that meditation in action leads to the centered life in a healthy body. Or, as they put it in their mission statement: “Rubber Soul Yoga Revolution intends to provide community-based yoga at a price affordable to all. We define ‘yoga’ broadly, to include many disciplines, including meditation, healthy lifestyle and performing arts.” Located in the Leathers Building on Pulaski Street. (Winner: Favorite Yoga Studio)


• WINNER: Urban Sanctuary Spa

810 N. Chase St. · 706-613-3947

• RUNNER UP: Spa at Foundry Park Inn

295 E. Dougherty St. · 706-425-9700

Place to Get Fit

• WINNER: Bodyplex Fitness Adventure

196 Alps Rd. · 706-548-3481

• RUNNER UP: Wow! Boot Camp

Creative Class

• WINNER: Canopy Studio

160 Tracy St. · 706-549-8501

• RUNNER UP: Good Dirt

510 N. Thomas St. · 706-355-3161

Canopy Studio has for 10 years put Athenians of all ages up in the air, discovering that fitness can be exhilarating. Exercise, discipline and performance combine to provide a healthful sense of daring accomplishment, which can be shared during such public performances as the recent “ROAM” and through Canopy’s after-school outreach program. You’ve got to admit that hanging upside down while flying gracefully through the air beats pushups. (Winner: Favorite Creative Class)

Car Repair Shop

• WINNER: Tires Plus

1425 College Station Rd. · 706-208-9918

1181 Jennings Mill Pkwy. · 706-549-5583

275 Collins Industrial Blvd. · 706-549-6816

• RUNNER UP: Auto Tech of Athens

170 Coile Dr. · 706-549-3316