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Calendar Pick: Magic Rockers of Texas

Austin-based genre omnibus Magic Rockers of Texas is piloted by what NPR calls the “incessantly musical mind of Jim Campo.” Campo is far from new to the music scene, having been in outfits including Berkshire Hounds, The Rotten Mangos and Loteria. Magic Rockers of Texas—which includes other veteran musicians Chris Kues, McGarrity Stanley and Mike Huff—has been playing together for years and releasing music since 2016, most recently a series of singles ahead of its upcoming album. Its sound touches on everything from garage to country, rollicking and noisy one second and laid back and contemplative the next. This eclectic energy translates in live shows, which have been known to turn casual listeners into devoted fans. The show will be opened by local twangy folk-rock artist T. Hardy Morris.

WHO: Magic Rockers of Texas, T. Hardy Morris
WHEN: Thursday, July 11, 9 p.m.
WHERE: World Famous
HOW MUCH: $5 suggested donation