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Calendar Pick: Leigh Ellis Opening Reception

Leigh Ellis

Local artist Leigh Ellis’ most recent collection of watercolor paintings, “Time on Earth,” has found its rightful home at the State Botanical Garden of Georgia. The works in the collection explore time through the eyes of a naturalist, with circular arrangements of the subjects mimicking that of a clock, reflecting cycles and seasons of nature. Birds are a motif in the collection, flying, colliding and entwining with each other and other natural imagery. Ellis has been painting and teaching in Athens for 25 years, but began her career 30 years ago as a biological illustrator after receiving her MS degree in biology. The crossover between art and science that characterizes her career path is evident in her award-winning artworks, which have been displayed in exhibits across the country, from Hawaii to Georgia.

WHO: Leigh Ellis Opening Reception
WHEN: Sunday, July 7, 12–2 p.m.
WHERE: State Botanical Garden of Georgia

Leigh Ellis