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Calendar Pick: Rui Gabriel

Rui Gabriel. Credit: Marisa Chafetz.

Rui Gabriel’s distinctive brand of slacker-indie rock comes on the heels of a lifetime of growth and change. The musician was born in Venezuela, raised in Nicaragua, spent his 20s in New Orleans and now lives in Indiana. He had always wanted to be in a band, and originally stretched his musical muscle in Lawn, a project he started in 2016 with Mac Folger and Nicholas Corson that leaned more toward pop and punk. His recent debut solo album, Compassion, comes from shifts in his lyricism after becoming a father, musing on growing up to the tune of ethereal pop and ‘80s synth with a danceable rock edge. Gabriel describes the core of the album as “saying goodbye to the mentality that [he] had before and hello to becoming an adult.” The show will be opened by DIY outsider pop from O Key and poignant post-punk from Neat Freak.

WHO: Rui Gabriel, O Key, Neat Freak
WHEN: Tuesday, July , 8 p.m. (doors)
WHERE: Flicker Theatre & Bar