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Calendar Pick: Summer Series Opening Reception

Steven L. Anderson

The first of five new exhibitions opening this summer at the Lyndon House Arts Center is “Pathways,” a series of woven works by South Carolina artist Kristy Bishop. Bishop uses centuries-old methods to create woven strands that she then weaves together again to form amorphous shapes, making something flowing and abstract out of an otherwise rather precise medium. Next is “Traditions Highway,” a photography project by Russian-born, Athens-based artist Irina Rozovsky. The photos reflect on the rural South, taken along Georgia Highway 15 and accompanied by paintings collected from small shops on the way and a text piece made up of words from roadside signs. The last of the solo exhibitions is “Entropy Plan for the Western Fam,” a multi-media exhibit by Atlanta artist Steven L. Anderson. The video, painting and paper works in this exhibition are inspired by artist Joseph Beuys’ 1974 lectures and performances entitled “Energy Plan for the Western Man.” “Cupola: a Collaboration” is an installation that began as a class assignment worked on by over 45 students of professor Martijn Van Wagtendonk at UGA’s Lamar Dodd School of Art, inspired by Renaissance architect Filippo Brunelleschi. Finally, “Celestial Bodies” is a group exhibition that explores the relationship between the heavens and the earth through a variety of mediums, from paintings to interactive installations.

WHO: Summer Series Opening Reception
WHEN: Thursday, June 13, 6 p.m.
WHERE: Lyndon House Arts Center