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Calendar Pick: Jeremy Minnick Opening Reception

Working from a palette of over 70 wood species, Jeremy Minnick creates food serving boards with intricate, multi-tone geometric designs. Minnick is a passionate web software developer, as well, but finds creative release in his passion for wood-based art. In his own words, “I am easily distracted and inspired by the complexity that can be found when you look closer at beautiful things, and wood is a prime example of this. The endless depth of complexity found in a tree captivates my interest and fuels my creativity.” His boards are not only functional, but also embodiments of artistry and craftsmanship, blending traditional woodworking with modern design to create conversation-starting pieces that showcase the unique qualities of each type of wood they contain.

WHO: Jeremy Minnick
WHEN: Pop-up Exhibition held Thursday, June 13, 5–8 p.m. Open for Third Thursday, June 20, 6–9 p.m.
WHERE: tiny ATH gallery
HOW MUCH: Donations accepted