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Calendar Pick: Wet Meadows

Wet Meadows is Athens’ very own “botanical rock” band, fashioning folk rock songs with subjects and aesthetics centered around flora and other natural entities. The band’s recent release, an EP called Mall Walkers that acts as the first in an upcoming series of mall-themed releases, might be a bit confusing then. Rest assured, the three songs on the EP make devout reference to several plant species, nodding to the atriums and planters found in malls across America, tastes of nature in the middle of concrete shopping centers, vital and under-recognized parts of the “mall ecosystem,” as the band thinks of it. At the core of all of this is a poke at consumerism and globalism, encased in smooth vocals, horn sections and easy-listening guitar lines inspired by the forms of nature. The show will also feature performances from local musician Jim Willingham’s psych-folk project, Dim Watts, and local songwriter and fingerstyle guitarist Patrick Barry.

WHO: Wet Meadows, Dim Watts, Patrick Barry
WHEN: Saturday, June 8, 8 p.m.
WHERE: Buvez