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Calendar Pick: Eugene Swain Opening Reception

Eugene Swain

Born in the historic Southern town of Madison, self-taught artist Eugene Swain used his surroundings as a muse. His work depicts the rural South in all its homey character and rustic dilapidation, from open-doored wooden structures with missing boards to crop fields and lazing farm animals. The focus on Madison’s antebellum architecture is often emphasized by the use of real wood and metal in his works. Tragically, Swain died in a car crash in 2021, but his feature in the latest installment of the “Madison Collects” series honors his legacy with a display of over 70 of his paintings and other works from the private collections of Madison residents. The Steffen Thomas Museum of Art, which is also hosting a painting event during Swain’s birthday weekend on June 8, says that his “locally-focused artwork, as well as his commitment to his family and his community, deeply touched people from the region for decades.”

WHO: Eugene Swain Opening Reception
WHEN: Sunday, June 9, 2–4 p.m.
WHERE: Madison-Morgan Cultural Center