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Calendar Pick: Susie Criswell Art Opening

Susie Criswell

Local artist Susie Criswell will celebrate her new collection of paintings, “Walking Through A Radiant World,” with an opening reception. Criswell’s work is natural and nostalgic, using large blocks of color to create sweeping, dreamy landscapes. Her work is inspired by her travels across the United States and abroad, pulling from experiences in nature to create her wonderful acrylic and watercolor pieces. “I enjoy using bright colors and a sense of pattern in both the shapes and the lines I see in gardens, forests and from my imagination,” Criswell says. “The paintings that include people send a message that reading can take you anywhere, just as a painting can transport you to different places in the natural world, both real and imaginary.” A closing event will be held in conjunction with Third Thursday with live music by John Kiran Fernandes on May 18 from 6-9 p.m.

WHO: Susie Criswell
WHEN: Friday, May 12, 5–8 p.m.
WHERE: tiny ATH gallery
HOW MUCH: Donations accepted