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Calendar Pick: A Time with Isadora Documentary Screening

A Time with Isadora. Credit: John Ramspott.

Ciné will screen a showing of the documentary A Time with Isadora, the final piece of a project 10 years in the making, honoring the progenitor of modern dance Isadora Duncan. After finding the American ballet tradition stifling, Duncan moved to Europe where she found great success, having run-ins with colorful characters gracing the lore of the world on the edge of the 20th century, and making an enduring mark for herself before her tragic, untimely death in 1927. Almost 100 years after her passing, Movement Arts Atlanta began A Time With Isadora, a large-scale, multimedia project featuring dance, photography, film and visual art to explore how innovators like Isadora Duncan continue to inspire through generations.

WHO: A Time with Isadora
WHEN: Saturday, Feb. 25, 7 p.m.
HOW MUCH: $10 suggested donation

Jessica Smith