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Calendar Pick: Poncili Creación

Poncili Creación

“Poncili” is not a word in any language, except perhaps the one spoken by the strange forms and creatures which populate the landscape of the word’s namesake. Poncili Creación is composed of twin brothers Pablo and Efrain Del Hierro from Santurce, Puerto Rico. Although “poncili” is not a real word, it translates to the Del Hierro brothers as “chaotic tranquility,” a space in between the two in which their art frequently inhabits. By using a combination of large-scale puppetry, music, improvisational dance, costuming and what the Del Hierros call “raw magic,” they have brought their performances across North America. They frequently use their artistic voices as a form of protest against social issues. Local band Immaterial Possession will be sharing the bill. It’s no stranger to theatrics, and a perfect fit. Wet Meadows will also bring its unique brand of “botanical rock.”

WHO: Poncili Creación, Immaterial Possession, Wet Meadows
WHEN: Tuesday, Feb. 21, 8 p.m.