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Calendar Pick: Bit Brigade

Bit Brigade. Credit: NickelEdge.

The worlds of music and video gaming have been intertwined since 1980, and have remained close ever since. Creating a composition that is both complex enough to encapsulate the emotions or atmosphere of a game, and dynamic enough to respond to player actions is a real challenge. Even harder still is to play the piece live while the game is simultaneously being played. Bit Brigade covers classic NES game soundtracks using live equipment while its resident gamer attempts to finish the entire game onstage before the soundtrack runs its course. For the group’s show at the Georgia Theatre, they’ll be playing 1988’s Mega Man 2 and 1989’s Duck Tales.

WHO: Bit Brigade, Weaponized Flesh
WHEN: Thursday, Feb. 9, 8 p.m.
WHERE: Georgia Theatre
HOW MUCH: $17 (adv.), $20