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Calendar Pick: The Stardust Holiday Lounge

Bart King

After a more than 10-year hiatus, local musician Bart King will return to the stage for a special Christmas show featuring the talents of Claire Campbell, Timi Conley, Mary Sigalas and Kate Morrissey. Although King is a full-time sustainability writer, his heart has always sat firmly in the realm of music, specifically Christmas music. So, he pulled out all the stops for this festive show, putting together a star-studded accompanying band, The O’Jamminbaum Quartet. Featuring Chris Enghauser on upright bass, Louis Romanos on drums, Jeremy Raj on guitar and King himself on piano and vocals, the show will call back to the golden age of the Christmas crooners of yore, lighting the yule log in your heart with subtle breaths of Christmas spirit.

WHO: The Stardust Holiday Lounge
WHEN: Thursday, Dec. 22, 8 p.m.
WHERE: Hendershot’s