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Calendar Pick: Karl Blau

Karl Blau

Artists are seers of paths, and although many see what is necessary to realize an artistic vision, few can reliably do so. Karl Blau, however, is not only a seer of paths but a taker of them, following his odd muse up mountains and down river valleys, following a golden thread of vital, homemade music over 25 years and 50 albums. Blau found a dedicated following in the rich indie underground of Anacortes, WA, communing with the likes of The Microphones’ Phil Elverum and the band LAKE. Having since moved to Philadelphia, Blau has continued touring and recording at a pace incomprehensible to most. Karl Blau will grace the stage of Flicker along with Avery Draut’s dreamy ensemble Night Palace and the intricate folk of Kiran Fernandes.

WHO: Karl Blau, Night Palace, Kiran Fernandes
WHEN: Friday, Dec. 16, 8 p.m.
WHERE: Flicker Theatre & Bar