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Calendar Pick: Andrea Wellnitz

Andrea Wellnitz

Tiny ATH gallery is hosting the work of local textile artist Andrea Wellnitz for the month of December, with a Third Thursday art party on Dec. 15. Wellnitz works in multiple mediums. Most recently, her work has focused on wet felting, a technique using wool that she discovered during a trip to Austria. In wet felting, felt pieces are blended together to create more cohesive pieces. Many of Wellnitz’s works toe the line between garment and sculpture, influenced by the ebb and flow of the natural world, as well as her personal life experiences. Her current exhibition, “The Journey,” explores these sources of inspiration to their full extent, featuring three-dimensional felt pieces as well as shibori dye, a Japanese dyeing practice that emphasizes imperfection and serendipitous design.

WHO: Andrea Wellnitz
WHEN: Thursday, Dec. 15, 6–9 p.m.
WHERE: tiny ATH gallery
HOW MUCH: Donations accepted.