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Calendar Pick: Nicholas Mallis’ Single Release Show

Nicholas Mallis. Credit: Alec Stanley.

Ex-Florida resident Nicholas Mallis is returning, albeit begrudgingly, to the Sunshine State in his new song “Goin’ Back to Florida.” The synth pop anthem, which Mallis claims was commissioned by the Florida Chamber of Travel and Leisure, is rocking, sardonic and perfectly in line with Mallis’ surreal body of work, often blending the lines between reality and fiction. More than anything, the song is a study in context, a context which will not be apparent until one either listens to the song or purchases one of Mallis’ expertly designed, fully ceramic coffee mugs promoting the new single. Mallis will debut the new song online beginning Nov. 15, with a release show to follow at Flicker on Nov. 19. Columbia punk band Flippants and locals Telemarket will open.

WHO: Nicholas Mallis, Flippants, Telemarket
WHEN: Saturday, Nov. 19, 8 p.m.
WHERE: Flicker Theatre & Bar