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Calendar Pick: Jonathan Richman

Jonathan Richman. Credit: Driely S.

Looking back on Jonathan Richman’s career, it almost seems as if his early work with The Modern Lovers, the period during which he arguably had the most effect on underground culture, was a serendipitous blip. Richman quickly abandoned the bellowing vocals and sparse instrumentation that came to define the ’70s and ‘80s alternative sound, and replaced it with acoustic accompaniment and charmingly delicate lyrics. Richman is now known as a stellar live performer, and as likely to sing a verse in Spanish as he is in English. One never knows what to expect at a Richman live show, and he’s famous for rarely digging in the back catalog. If you go expecting old Modern Lovers songs, you may be disappointed. But, if you go with an open mind and an attentive ear, you may find yourself entranced by Richman’s songcraft. Richman will also be accompanied by his long-time drummer Tommy Larkins.

WHO: Jonathan Richman
WHEN: Wednesday, Oct. 12, 7 p.m. (doors)
WHERE: 40 Watt Club