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Calendar Pick: Jon Spencer & The HITmakers

Jon Spencer & The HITmakers

Jon Spencer continues his manic peregrination across the universe, this time with a new group, but with all the insane sonic machinations we’ve come to love. The enthusiasm of the description of his newest album is nothing short of astounding, and by the end I was out of breath just reading it. It’s a bit like how his music would make one feel. Spencer has enjoyed a long career as an icon of underground genre-bending music. From his time in Pussy Galore and the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, the man himself has stood uncompromisingly on the strange, noisy, chaotic hill he has created. He’s never been one for visual design, though, and his newest album, Spencer Gets It Lit, features possibly his campiest and most MS-Paint-inspired cover yet. He’s coming through town on Oct. 18, and I can imagine it’d certainly be worth the effort and money to go see what he’s up to this time.

WHO: Jon Spencer & The HITmakers
WHEN: Tuesday, Oct. 18, 7 p.m.
WHERE: 40 Watt Club