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Calendar Pick: Victory Hands, Buice, Hubble

Victory Hands. Credit: Ryan Williams.

In the summer of 2014, Victory Hands emerged amid the growing global concern that Donald J. Trump would soon become Barack Obama’s successor as president of the United States. In a gesture that now can only be seen as ominous foreshadowing, singers and guitar players Shawn Christopher and Jimmy Ether, bass player Dain Johnson and drummer Kip Thomas honed a small but stylish body of angst-ridden lyrics and complex songs in which the predominant imagery is derived from redacted Richard Nixon tapes and speeches. Since then, each of their releases—Anderson, Bernstein, Bishop and Braden—are named after journalists who were identified as Nixon’s enemies. Over the last few years, the parallels between Tricky Dicky and The Donald’s antics have become quite profound. The two songs on Victory Hands recently released Braden 7-inch, “Everyone Loves A Parade” b/w “A Man Named Hope” reach far beyond the irony that employing such a conceptual gimmick implies. Each number embraces a tightly-wound indie rock elegy that’s cut from equal parts Fugazi, Unwound, Rodan and Jawbox, albeit hovering in the realms of avant-garde self-awareness. Still, the songs rock hard, evoking a ‘90s indie rock spirit that’s reminiscent of a more civilized era for mankind. Rounding out an evening of Atlanta post-hardcore acts gracing the stage, Buice deliver jittery blasts of high-anxiety, while Hubble locks into a balance of voluptuous and ethereal melodies and noise pop.

WHO: Victory Hands, Buice, Hubble
WHEN: Saturday, Oct. 1, 9 p.m.
WHERE: Flicker Theatre & Bar