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Calendar Pick: Fall Exhibitions Opening Reception at OCAF

Alice Woodruff

The Oconee Cultural Arts Foundation presents exhibits by two artists of great talent. Beginning Sept. 30, the works of Anna Desio and Alice Woodruff will be on display at OCAF until Nov. 11. Anna Desio crafts watercolor landscapes for “Serenity” that are both remarkably true to form and fantastical. She distills the beauty of the Georgia landscape into meaningful, “you had to be there” moments of natural bliss that feel often overlooked. Desio honed her skills living on a sailboat in the Caribbean, where there was no shortage of blazing sunsets and vibrant landscapes to use as subjects. Where Desio’s chosen medium is the canvas, Alice Woodruff’s is the kiln.Over the course of five years, Woodruff has created over one hundred clay figures to portray the mass victimization of women and their struggles with abuse, inequality and discrimination while also showing their strength and perseverance. “Warrior Women from Invisible to Formidable: One Hundred Strong” is the culmination of three different series.

WHO: Fall Exhibitions at OCAF
WHEN: Friday, Sept. 30, 5–7 p.m.
WHERE: Oconee Cultural Arts Foundation