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Calendar Pick: Hibbs Family Band Album Release Show

Hibbs Family Band

The Hibbs Family Band has music in their blood. They must, because it’s not often that a family is able to unite under a creative goal as cohesive as a band. And no, this isn’t a Walker Brothers situation; the Hibbs Family Band really is that, a family. This time around, brothers Rob and Garrett join their mother Judy and father Henry for their sophomore album, Two Mules, a work that’s as much a celebration of their family’s long-standing local history as it is a celebration of music itself. I suppose, however, that for the Hibbs family they may very well be the same thing. Much of the album centers around stories of their family farm and the life their former generations lived. Even the release date of the album, Aug. 28, is a nod to family history—it’s their Aunt Clara’s 103rd birthday. To celebrate the release of the album, The Hibbs Family Band will be playing a show at Hendershot’s with AC Darnell.

WHO: Hibbs Family Band, AC Darnell
WHEN: Saturday, Sept. 17, 8 p.m.
WHERE: Hendershot’s Coffee