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Calendar Pick: Eagle Scout Album Release Show

Back in high school, I knew three guys who, for whatever reason, saw the Boy Scout thing through to the end and became Eagle Scouts. I didn’t make it past level 2 or something, opting instead to start playing trombone of all things, which I detested. My three friends would constantly complain to me about scouting while I complained to them about marching band. They did, however, walk away with much cooler stories. So, what glorious careers did a life in scouting set them up for? All three of those guys play in bands now. I’m not sure if the members of Eagle Scout can claim the title itself, but if they can, then I’m convinced that scouting is an undercover program to create talented musicians, in this case wonderful, catchy power pop. Eagle Scout’s debut single, “Something Worthwhile,” has a “seize the day” vibe, encouraging listeners to accomplish what they want out of life. The group’s debut album, Early Bird, will be gettin’ the worm on Sept. 16 with a release show featuring songwriter Mary Margaret Cozart and honky-tonk, punk rock band Newport Transplant.

WHO: Eagle Scout, Mary Margaret Cozart, Newport Transplant
WHEN: Friday, Sept. 16, 8 p.m.
WHERE: Flicker Theatre & Bar