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Calendar Pick: ‘Trio’ Opening Reception

Sara Hess and Jon Swindler

“Trio: Dana Jones, Sara Hess and Jon Swindler,” the latest installment in ATHICA’s “Solo Duo Trio” exhibition series, which provides an avenue for individual artists to showcase their works, opens Aug. 20. The exhibit features works from multi-disciplinary artist Dana Jones, plus collaborative works from Sara Hess and Jon Swindler. All three artists heavily utilize found material and color. Jones works with damaged beverage and food packaging and the irregular shapes that they bring. The Hess-Swindler team also works with found items and textures, and since the beginning of their collaboration in 2019 they have created prints, drawings, collages and sculptural objects. As a trio, the artists’ works reflect each other in unexpected ways; the subtle forms of Dana Jones’ works complement the more textural works of Hess-Swindler. The exhibit will remain open for viewing until Oct. 2.

WHO: “Trio: Dana Jones, Sara Hess and Jon Swindler”
WHEN: Saturday, Aug. 20, 6–8 p.m.
HOW MUCH: Donations accepted