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Calendar Pick: Segar Jazz Affair’s 12 Year Anniversary

Dwain Segar

I’ve long found it a shame that many “true” jazz musicians consider smooth jazz some sort of lower art form. Elitists may be quick to dismiss smooth jazz as “elevator music,” assuming that because music is easy to listen to, it is automatically technically less impressive. I, and a large chunk of the human population, disagree, however. Smooth jazz, along with new age and ambient music, is what gets me through almost every difficult moment of my life. I remember, as a young boy in Atlanta, spending many nights struggling with insomnia. The only thing that would help me was the smooth jazz station. I would tune in and fly above the skyline. All that is to say that Dwain Segar, WXAG radio host, Kids Feel Safe founder and all-around master of smooth jazz, will be celebrating his 12 year anniversary of bringing smooth jazz to Athens at the Rialto Room at Hotel Indigo. He will be joined by New Orleans saxophonist J. Henry. To quote Segar, “What a ride it has been… I just love smooth jazz…”

WHO: Segar Jazz Affair, J. Henry
WHEN: Sunday, Aug. 14, 6 p.m. & 7:30 p.m. (two sets)
WHERE: Rialto Room