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Calendar Pick: Killick Hinds and Martin Howth

Killick Hinds. Credit: Delene Porter.

Two musicians of staggering talent are set to play at ATHICA next week. The first is local Killick Hinds, a true musical chameleon, blending styles on a whim. He will take a minute of avant-garde jazz, something which may seem like noise, and then casually interlace the most well-articulated classical passage, before going right back to some wonderful atonal thing. The ever-changing soundscapes of his music clearly show a mastery of the instrument. And by instrument, I don’t mean guitar, but simply whatever instrument he happens to be squeezing mind-bending sounds out of at the moment. That frequently leans towards the guitar world, or some strange space between guitars and alien instruments, but it seems as if Hinds could pick up a tin can and write a symphony, and probably has. Next comes Martin Howth, the solo looping project of jazz vocalist Audra Mariel. Inside her humble blue briefcase lies the secret to her magic; a looping station. Using only her voice and no digital effects, she builds wonderful songs from the ground up live on stage. It really is amazing to watch. To see it in person, or for the skeptical, come out to the free show!

WHO: Killick Hinds and Martin Howth
WHEN: Thursday, Aug. 4, 7 p.m.
HOW MUCH: Donations accepted