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Calendar Pick: Nox Novacula, Secret Shame, Tears for the Dying

Nox Novacula. Credit: John Malley.

Currently on a 40-date tour between coasts, Seattle’s Nox Novacula carries forth the torch of the early ‘80s deathrock scene with dramatic, danceable songs. Singer Charlotte Blythe’s dynamic style ranges from spellbinding chanting to powerful bellowing that could crumble the stones of a mausoleum. Asheville band Secret Shame’s dark, brooding blend of post-punk and dream-pop is contemplative and wistful. Channeled through vocalist Lena Machina, songs operate like exorcisms, transforming experiences of mental illness, isolation and suffering into fearless open-wound tunes. Spearheaded by Adria Stembridge, longtime local goth scene fixture Tears for the Dying has a new lineup with Joshua Broughton, Michael Garrett, Pilot and Mick Payne. The band is currently recording new material with Tom Ashton at Subvon Studio for its next release, Eyes Wide Open in the Dark. Following tonight’s all-ages show, the bands will head to Nashville as part of a mini-tour together.

WHO: Nox Novacula, Secret Shame, Tears for the Dying
WHEN: Tuesday, Apr. 19, 9 p.m.