December 26, 2018

Georgia Dish Boys, Los Cantares, Joe Cat, Todd McBride

Saturday, Jan. 5 @ Flicker Theatre & Bar

Chameleonic Athens rockers Georgia Dish Boys blend sounds and scenes with wild-eyed fervor. Drawing on touchstones like Neil Young, Sonic Youth and Townes Van Zandt, the group recasts roots music on the newly released Nine Song Movie. The record, which wears its influences on its sleeve—and in its song titles, like “Heartworn Highways” and “Howe Gelb Said”—is full of buzzsaw guitars and dizzy pedal steel, with frontman Seth Martin’s menacing shriek its attention-grabbing centerpiece. Martin and band contributor Tyler Key are in the midst of a massive two-month-plus tour, but they’ll stop off at home for a shower and a show at Flicker the first Saturday of the new year.


  • Saturday, January 5

    Flicker Theatre & Bar

    10 p.m. $5.

    Georgia Dish Boys, Todd McBride, Joe Cat

    GEORGIA DISH BOYS Raucous and rootsy local rock group fronted by songwriter Seth Martin. See Calendar Pick on p. 10.

    TODD MCBRIDE Local roots-rock singer-songwriter known for fronting Dashboard Saviors.

    JOE CAT Local troubadour whose influences range from Steve Earle and Townes Van Zant to Johnny Cash.

    LOS CANTARES Local desert-rock supergroup featuring members of Old Smokey and Moths.