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John Cleaveland Opening Reception

“Farmington Skies,” an exhibit of 26 oil paintings by John Cleaveland, captures the fleeting moments of day when the sun hits the clouds and land just right. Cleaveland, who has been a landscape painter for nearly 30 years, earned his BFA from UGA and held a graduate assistantship in the studies abroad program in Cortona, Italy, when he first began transitioning from color-focused abstract paintings to photorealistic landscapes. Finding endless subject matter near his home in Farmington, he is typically pulled into places by their unique lighting. Seemingly ordinary settings—woods, the end of a road, telephone poles—are beautified through the warm shades of a setting of sun or the soft glow of a rising moon. A hand-drawn map in the gallery will reveal the locations that inspired each scene. “Farmington Skies” will remain on view through December. 

6–9 p.m. · FREE! ·