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Wrenn Album Release Party

Despite Flagpole columnist Gordon Lamb’s assertion in last week’s Threats & Promises that Wrenn’s debut album, Hi, “makes no real artistic statement at all,” local musician Erin Notarthomas deserves to be high-fived for creating something unlike anything in Athens music now or, probably, ever. Granted, the record, with its admittedly perplexing hodgepodge of pop, jazz and vaudevillian showmanship misses as often as it hits (if anything, there are too many statements going on), but Notarthomas’ songwriting and generally badass boldness all but make up for the more questionable bits. Check it out at Friday’s record-release show, which also features an eccentric, town-and-gown set of supporting performances, including classical piano and a breakdancing battle.

7 p.m. $5.