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Opening Reception

The second wave of fall exhibits at the Dodd Galleries presents the works of over 30 artists. In “Traces of Silence,” visiting artist Jiman Choi exhibits 200 porcelain bowls created in a traditional Korean shape during his stay in Athens, using the repetition as a meditative process for exploring the relationship between body and emotion. Curated by Stanley Bermúdez and Carlos Solis, “Negritud in Latin American Art” examines the influence of African culture on the art of Latin America and the Caribbean through artwork from members of the Atlanta-based art collective Contrapunto and multiple New York artists. “do it UGA” is an experiment in which a handful of graduate students were given different sets of instructions to guide them in making a piece for the show. “Touch: Art & Interaction” presents works that are interactive, sensory-specific or otherwise engage with ideas related to touch. All exhibits will remain on view through Thursday, Nov. 6.

6–8 p.m. · FREE! ·