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William Tyler, Dave Marr

Those generally wary of instrumental music would do well to check out the Lost Colony EP, the newest offering from Nashville-based guitarist William Tyler. A session player who has been, at various times, a member of such indie linchpins as Lambchop and Silver Jews, Tyler’s mechanical prowess on the six-string is rivaled only by his knowledge of and passion for the folk music of Appalachia and its mid-20th Century ilk. Stylistically, you can draw lines from John Fahey and Max Ochs all the way up to Jack Rose, Jim O’Rourke, Daniel Bachman and the rest of the American Primitive revivalist set, but Tyler’s brand of traditionalism values storytelling above all else. No other working guitarist evokes such intricate and heartfelt narratives with nothing but his axe. Get there early to catch local songwriter Dave Marr, who has quietly been assembling a long-awaited new solo album. Doors are at 9 p.m.

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