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Peach Kelli Pop, Nate and the Nightmares, Timmy and the Tumblers

Peach Kelli Pop songwriter Allie Hanlon, known for her work with indie darlings The White Wires, was once based in Ottawa, Canada, but she now calls Los Angeles home. The move was a fitting one, given her new, all-female garage-pop group’s sunny, smogged-out, bummer beach vibes. The project’s self-titled debut, out last year on garage-rock repository Burger Records, turned heads with its surfed-up sound, which was at once manic, bubbly and brash. Equally sugary, even-more-stoned jams like “Surfing Everyday” (from the band’s new 7-inch, out this week on Porchcore Records) draw from Japanese girl-group weirdness and 1960s American teen-pop, but are dirtied up by shoebox production values and Hanlon’s narcotized vocal delivery.