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Dodd Ferrelle & The WinterVillains, Tony Tidwell

Songwriter Tony Tidwell isn’t a local guy per se; he calls Clemson, SC home. But Tidwell’s fine new album, Love is Not a Word, is rife with Athens energy. With contributions from John Neff, William Tonks, Rob Keller, Russ Hallauer, Adam Poulin and a large handful of other local luminaries, the record oozes Classic City charm even as it settles into a Carolina soul-folk groove. Tidwell is a Ghostmeat Records alum since 1996, and Love is his first outing in nearly 10 years; it bears the mark of man reinvigorated. A more acoustic, stripped-down affair than the songwriter and guitarist’s past output, the album is chock-full of clear-eyed front-porch meditations on life, love and music. Perennially underrated local songwriter Dodd Ferrelle and his band headline Saturday’s show.