Calendar Picks

Destruction Unit, Vincas, Ukiah Drag, Shaved Christ

The music of Arizona psych-punk tribe Destruction Unit is exactly as ruinous as the band’s name—it’s sweaty, massive, unsympathetic stuff. Think ’80s L.A. hardcore augmented with a slight case of ADD and a shitload of effects pedals (and probably a bunch of drugs, too) and you’re on the right track. The group’s latest album, Deep Trip, is its brashest yet. An indecipherable mess of guitar screech and tape distortion featuring songs titled things like “The World on Drugs,” “God Trip” and “The Church of Jesus Christ,” the record burns through its fleshy surface until all that’s left is a dancing, sun-bleached skeleton. Bummer-psych Bostonians Ukiah Drag, also associated with the Ascetic House tape label, will perform, as will hard-hitting locals Vincas and Shaved Christ.