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The Downtown Taco Stand Is Closing Sunday

Late Friday afternoon, Team Clermont, the music promotion firm, sent out a press release announcing that the downtown location of Athens’ Taco Stand would have its last day in business Sunday, Dec. 15.

In business at that location since 1992, it provided inexpensive Cali-Mex burritos and the like, plus a full bar—the only one of the three locations to provide more than beer. 

Randle Roberts and Phil Stangle opened the original Milledge Avenue location of the restaurant in 1977, and Roberts also opened the downtown location, with John Andrews and Rod Pharr.

Team Clermont supplied quotes from Pharr (“The timing felt right after almost 30 years AND after this great [sic] Bulldogs football season”) and Randle (“We enjoyed 28 great years downtown and witnessed a lot of positive growth there which we were glad to be a part of. We’re glad to leave downtown on a positive note.”).

When asked whether it was a rent-based decision, Pharr said no, reiterating that “it was just time after 30 years.”

Pharr and Randle, according to Athens-Clarke County property tax records, do not own the downtown building, but Roberts does own the Milledge Avenue one.

Both the Milledge and Barnett Shoals locations will remain in business. Who wants to guess which chicken franchise will end up in 247 E. Broad St.?