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Where to Eat (and Drink) During the Icepocalypse (now with Thursday update)

If you were not among the throngs treating local grocery stores like a cloud of locusts, and you somehow missed planning for the Snow/Ice/Sleetpocalypse that is now upon us, what can you do to fill your belly and get your drink on? Here are the places we know of that are open Wednesday.

Some of these have since closed earlier than usual (PHBBQ, Groucho’s), so call ahead before you go anywhere, if you’re brave/hungry/parched enough to leave the house.

Update: It’s Thursday morning and we’ll try to update the list a bit. Here’s who we know of doing business today.

It’s looking like 50-50 out there, with some other places on the fence about dinner tonight (DePalma’s, Heirloom).