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J’s/Sam’s on Prince Adding a Growler Shop

After hearing rumors that there was a brand new set of beer taps going into Sam’s Food Mart, next door to J’s Bottle Shop at 1452 Prince Ave., we had to investigate. It turns out the convenience store (which is owned by the same folks as J’s, so no worries about a blood feud) is about one step away from starting to fill up growlers.

If you remain unfamiliar with the concept, here’s the overview: you buy a glass jug (Sam’s will offer two sizes), which the store fills up with beer from the tap and seals. After your initial investment in the container, which you return to be sterilized and refilled with brew, you’re only out the cost of the beer. Growlers taste closer to a freshly poured beer than opening a bottle or a can, and the stores that offer them often have adventurous choices (New Belgium‘s Lips of Faith sours being one marvelous example).

Sam’s has the taps ready and just needs to set up pricing. At that point, Boulevardians et al. can start enjoying growlers purchased mere blocks from their homes. Some choices on tap will remain. Others will change out. And you can pick up Funyuns, milk and lottery tickets while you’re at it.