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Insomnia Cookies Aims to Move in a Stone’s Throw from Always Baked

Insomnia Cookies

The space formerly known as Athena Jewelers, at 228 E. Clayton, popped up recently in a Neighborhood Notification Initiative email as being subject to plans review for a renovation to house Insomnia Cookies. It turns out Insomnia is a college-town-based chain that does pretty much the same thing as local fellas Always Baked Cookies, around the corner on Jackson Street, sharing space and initials with Athens Bagel Co., i.e., late-night cookie baking and delivery. Apparently the sentiment “I’m drunk/whatever and it’s 2 a.m. and I really want cookies” is more common than I realized. Are late-night cookie-delivery places the next frogurt?

When I asked Brian Gamsey, head cookie at ABC, for comment, he dropped off the following text at Flagpole‘s office:

In the 5 years I’ve spent living in the Classic City, our community has perpetually supported fellow Athenians and taken great pride in maintaining our local culture. Always Baked relishes the opportunity for the people of Athens to put that civic pride on display here. With that support, Always Baked will continue to be a late-night food leader with our innovative, delicious menu, serving the highest quality sweets and other munchables, and giving back to local Athens charities for years to come.

ABC makes a point of donating its proceeds to charity. It seems a bit less likely that Insomnia does the same, but we’ll see.